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This page highlights some of our current and past projects from the beginning to the final result. Each and every project takes on it’s own set of challenges that encompasses all phases of our ability to provide a complete, accurate, timely and efficient repair process.

Grove RT 750 Boom Repair







This type of repair has been a staple at Certified Boom for the last 30+ years. Although the Grove trapezoidal design was revolutionary for it’s time no amount of design and structural integrity will get in the way of an overzealous crew.

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Linkbelt HTC 8675 II

This crane was being delivered straight from the factory to a customer. Only a few miles from it’s destination the low boy became stuck on some railroad tracks. As luck would have it a train was barreling towards it and struck the crane broad side and destroyed it. Luckily nobody was hurt.
Eventually it made it’s way down and the long process of repair/rebuild began. Click below to see more pictures of before, during and after. You’ll have to forgive us on the quality on some of the pictures but you’ll get the idea.

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Hydraulic Pile Driver Refurb

This is an amazing piece of machinery. Manufactured by JCB and from the Netherlands, this is a pile driving behemoth with a hydraulic boom assembly. The customer has been using this machine in Florida for years. Just like other pieces of heavy equipment, as time goes by the more wear and tear it experiences. They asked us about refurbishing back to factory specs and we were up for the challenge. Click below for more details.

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Linkbelt Excavator Boom Repair

Too bad We didn’t have a picture of this section before it made it’s way to one of our welding tables. It had been “snapped” in two while on the job. Luckily no one was hurt. This was a factory-authorized repair direct from the engineers at Linkbelt. Click below to learn more about the repair process.

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Pile Driver Crack Repair

This pile driver belongs to a customer of over 25 years. They’ve been in business doing it the right way ever since. Very honorable company and it shows in their history. This one, like many others, has been working hard throughout it’s lifetime and needed some major repairs done. There were lots of cracks and temporary repairs holding it together but finally came the time to down it. They asked us to take care of several issues. Click below to read more about it.

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