With proper procedures and documentation, we guarantee that your boom is re-certifiable to OSHA CFR 29, Part 1926.1400. We provide our own “in house” seal and certification guaranteeing just this. When required and upon request we can also contract a third party licensed inspector to inspect and certify our work. Welding procedures are “pre-qualified”, or custom designed by a licensed engineer. Personnel are certified to weld to 100,000 psi yield steel, and several welders are certified to weld 140,000psi steel to meet AWS D14.3. “MIG”, “TIG” or”STICK” specifications.


In addition to our Recertification Guarantee, we simply guarantee our repairs are professional and proper. Our repairs are guaranteed against defective workmanship as long as you own the crane.


  • When steel is replaced we can provide lab testing results showing chemical and physical properties of the boom’s original steel.
  • Mill run specifications on replacement steel showing compatibility.
  • Documented welding procedures (normally AWS D14.3 pre-qualified).
  • Technicians AWS certified to the procedure and material utilized.
  • Documented Non-Destructive testing showing compliance with AWS D14.3 (or appropriate code), normally ultra-sonic testing x-ray or magnetic particle.
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