Heavy Equipment Service

We started using Certified Boom Repair in April of 2019.  After driving by their location in Tampa several times, I made the decision to call and see what services they offer.
I was able to speak with a gentleman by the name of Troy, who has proven to be nothing short of extremely helpful every time.
At that current time, we were using another provider several hours away that was not giving the best communication or turnaround time.
Within a week or so of meeting Troy, we were able to bring the 1st unit down for the guys at Certified Boom Repair to show their skill.
Within just a few days, we received a detailed explanation of what they found once the unit was disassembled and what parts would be needed to repair the unit.
After the replacement parts were received, we were notified the unit was ready for pick up very quickly.
Each time, this is repeated and they have proven that this is just not a one-time occurrence.
To say the least, I have been very happy, satisfied and trusting in the workmanship, price and communication that Certified Boom Repair provides each and every time.
I would recommend Certified Boom Repair to anyone who wants it done right and prompt without hesitation.

Thank you for your great service

Brian RichardsonBranch ManagerSunbelt Rentals, Inc.Tampa, FL
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