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Certified Boom Repair Service, Inc started business in Tampa, FL in 1982 as a side project for a heavy duty truck repair shop. The first job was an old concrete pumper boom that had to have a couple of the sides taken out, straightened and new sides put in. Back then there were no welding tables, overhead cranes, specifically engineered welding procedures or any guidelines to go by.

Eventually the concrete pumper boom was repaired and slowly but surely more work started to come in and Certified Boom Repair Service, Inc. was incorporated in 1987. Since then we have repaired over 10,000 booms and are growing stronger every day.

Currently Certified Boom has the capabilities of not only repairing your boom damage (lattice or hydraulic) but we can remove and disassemble the booms on a hydraulic crane, forklift or manlift, repair the booms, reassemble and reinstall the booms with manufacturer provided parts and have the crane ready to go back to work when it is picked up with a third party, OSHA licensed inspector’s “stamp of approval”. We have developed this “turn-key effort” in order to help our customers with downtime and answer several questions that arise. We like to give the customer several options so that this uneasy turn of events progresses as smoothly as possible. We take great pride in giving the customer a sense of comfort when this unfortunate turn of events occurs. We are the “one-stop shop” when it comes to repairing wrecked and damaged cranes.

We realize the importance of downtime on a crane owner and will do whatever we can to minimize this.

Mission Statement

To bring the knowledge and expertise of the wrecked crane repair philosophy to the forefront of the construction industry as a viable and affordable alternative to acquiring new equipment all while operating with consistent honesty and integrity.

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