Safety Culture…it’s on us

One of the more interesting facts about our business is we run into various pieces of equipment all with different issues. Many have corrosion, some have cracks, others holes, bends, kinks, etc…some even have telephone pole imprints.

Always have a safety mindset when working with heavy equipment. We’ve sat in on many presentations from safety experts, filled out countless forms referring to safety protocol and questioned the extent to which companies go in the name of safety. However it’s meant to drive home the point that no matter how monotonous and time-wasting it seems there is reason behind it. Many of the issues in the pictures below have been there for a very long time and present during operation.

For a company that has specialized in structural repairs for 35 years this is concerning.  We aren’t safety experts by formal training but when we see damage like this come in and see how long it’s been in operation it is worrisome to say the least.

Moral of the story is we need to be performing routine inspections on our equipment. Easier said than done on fleets of hundreds of pieces big and small, nonetheless, it behooves all of us in this industry to take some more time taking care of the equipment that takes care of us.

Either way call Certified Boom if anything like this comes up…


Posted ByTyler Smith
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