Linkbelt Excavator Boom Repair


As mentioned before this one was snapped in two on the job. The customer called us because we’ve done several structural repairs for them in the past and they knew they could depend on our technicians, facility and experience. Linkbelt was on board for this one as we’ve done similar repairs sanctioned by their engineers in the past. So we had factory drawings on where to cut, reinforcement plate design and welding procedure.


First step was to follow factory designed process to cut and prep both sections.



The next steps were a challenge. Our welder had to align the two sections of the boom to not only the proper lengths apart but at the correct angles and pitch. You can see here where he fabricated an impromptu jig to help with the process. Then it was onto fabricating and welding in place the factory-designed reinforcement plates.


Once repairs were completed it got a beautiful coat of Linkbelt Red and was sent on it’s way back to the machine.


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