Hydraulic Pile Driver Refurb

This machine had been working in Florida it’s whole life. It had cracks, corrosion, damaged hydraulics…you name it. But it’s a hell of a machine and it provides excellent return for the customer. So they decided to bring it to us for a refurbishment.


Field repairs were done all over to keep this pile driving machine on the job as much as possible.


Reinforcement plates added over time due to cracks, welds gouged out and re-welded are just a few examples of work done to the machine over time.


So the boom assembly had to come apart and gone through individually. We removed any after market fish-plates, uncovered and repaired cracks then fabricated and installed new reinforcement plates.


Hydraulic lines, valve banks, brackets…if it needed replaced/repaired we did it.


In the end we had some learning experiences and the customer was happy. Enough so that they’ve brought a 2nd machine in for the same purpose!


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