Supply Alert! Please see message below from Lube-A-Boom concerning supply chain issues:

Supply chain demands continue to cause bottleneck disruptions with our raw material suppliers.

“We were told this morning that it will be end-October before they can deliver our aerosol because they are so far behind waiting on cans, nozzles, solvents etc.”

We will update as soon as we know more. Apologies for any inconveniences this may cause. 


Friction Reducing Lubricants

Lube-A-Boom is a leader in providing specialty lubricants to the lift industry for telescoping boom cranes, aerial lifts, tele-handlers, forklifts and a multitude of other types of equipment and applications. Our original LUBE-A-BOOM® uses a synthetic thickener and contains PTFE to provide a lubricant unsurpassed for sliding surfaces. Less friction means longer wear pad life and minimizes chance of any boom chatter. Our LUBE-A-BOOM® AEROSOL uses this same formula and allows an easier way of applying. Both products also provide excellent corrosion and rust protection.



Foam Degreaser



Payment Processing