Liebherr Heavy Equipment Repair

Liebherr Heavy Equipment RepairLiebherr manufactures some of the top construction and mining machinery. Quality, reliability, and innovative technologies ensure that operations are safe, time and cost efficient at all times, even under the toughest of conditions. Certified Boom Repair provides complete repairs and service on all Liebherr equipment as well as a wide variety of other heavy equipment. For over 35 years, we have repaired equipment from every major manufacturer. We disassemble, reassemble, reinstall and repair with manufacturer parts so you can get back to work! All structural repairs have an in-house signed and sealed certificate stating proper OSHA guidelines we adhere to, welder qualifications, replacement steel used and more. We guarantee our repairs are professional and proper. All repairs are guaranteed against defective workmanship as long as you own the equipment. Follow us on Facebook Give us a call at 877-300-BOOM (2666) to discuss your Liebherr repair needs or fill out our secure online contact form here.

Give us a call at 877-300-BOOM (2666)
Liebherr Heavy Equipment Repair
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Liebherr Heavy Equipment Products:
Earthmovers | Hydraulic Excavators | Duty Cycle Crawler Cranes | Crawler Tractors | Crawler Loaders | Telescopic Handlers | Wheel Loaders | Articulated Trucks | Deep Foundation Machines | Tower Cranes | Top-slewing Cranes | Concrete Mixing Trucks | Concrete Pumps | Mining Excavators | Mining Trucks | Mining Dozers

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